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Our History

The Wayne Economic Development Council traces its roots back to 1989 when a group of local leaders began meeting to discuss economic growth efforts. They realized that even with a strong economy and good-paying jobs, Wayne County needed a plan to maintain its success and resilience. Recognizing increased global competition, changing markets and a decline in U.S manufacturing, these leaders understood a proactive approach was needed. To remain competitive, the WEDC was formally launched in November 1991 by business, governmental and other community leaders with the goal of growing all of the business sectors in Wayne County with an eye on progressing and strengthening our historically chief industry — agriculture.

A board of 13 members was created with representation from the county, cities, chambers of commerce and private enterprise. The original board was tasked with defining the WEDC’s purpose and direction and securing seed money to sustain the organization for its first three years of operation. That mission is still apparent today as WEDC progressively promotes and facilitates business retention and strategic business growth in Wayne County.