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Growing a quality future is a process that requires teamwork and years of consistent effort. The Wayne County Economic Development Council (WEDC) appreciates the many investors who made our community's success possible.

Wayne County’s Success is a Community Endeavor

The WEDC focuses its resources on assisting existing companies in their growth and expansion efforts and attracting new business opportunities to the area. Our organization is funded cooperatively by local government and private businesses, both sharing a keen interest in maintaining a healthy business environment.

Become an Investor Today!

The Wayne Economic Development Council is a leading and collaborative go-to organization that contributes to Wayne County’s national recognition for achieving high-quality growth that benefits both businesses and residents while maintaining a balance between industry, agriculture, commercial and residential development.

Reasons to invest:

leadership iconArranging meetings with community leaders.

contact iconProviding introductions to necessary business contacts.

government iconServing as an advocate with state and local government entities.

promotion iconProviding opportunities to promote your business through the WEDC's website, social media, newsletter and sponsorship program.

resources iconIdentifying and procuring resources to help you make proactive and effective business decisions.

events iconCreating access to meetings and events that address issues pertinent to the economy, while also providing network opportunities.


growth iconManages growth and encourages business throughout the county.


bridge iconBrings schools and businesses together to educate the upcoming workforce of available opportunities and to bridge businesses and educational institutions together for future workforce training needs.


ag-urban iconQuality of life - maintaining Wayne County's idyllic ag-urban environment