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Wayne County: Discover What’s Made Here

Leading manufacturers, suppliers and nationally recognized brands like Smuckers have made their home in Wayne County, Ohio. We are consistently ranked in the top ten for business expansion by Site Selection Magazine because we have the assets to support business growth. Large, shovel-ready sites, rail and interstate access, skilled talent and a low-cost business environment make it easy to choose Wayne County for expansion. Plus, we have an asset that can’t be found anywhere else - the largest agbioscience research facility in the United States.

Our charming award-winning communities make Wayne County the ideal choice for businesses and their employees. A strong K-12 system, Ohio State, the University of Akron Wayne Campus and the College of Wooster (a Top 10 Liberal Arts College) create world-class educational opportunities close to home, while providing businesses with a ready supply of educated talent. It’s no wonder that companies are choosing Wayne County. Contact us to join them

City Distance in Miles
Atlanta 660
Boston 670
Cleveland 60
Columbus 100
Cincinnati 200
Charlotte 470
Chicago 350
Detroit 180
Indianapolis 270
Nashville 470
New York 470
Philadelphia 440
Pittsburgh 130
St. Louis 510
Toronto 340
Washington DC 380

Source: WEDC

Wayne County Regional Map

Why Wayne County?

in Ohio (POLICOM Strengths Ranking, 2023)
Best performing micropolitans in the country (Site Selection Magazine, 2023)
Manufacturing Growth in Ohio
Agriculture Economy in Ohio